Discover and share places
you love, with Smap!

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Discover and share places
you love, with Smap!

The places you and your friends love, all in one place.

With Smap, you can create and share lists of your favorite places with friends, and see the places they enjoy and recommend. Smap introduces a social aspect to the process of finding and discussing restaurants, museums, stores, and more. Join us in discovering a world of new experiences.

Create lists of your favorite restaurants, bars and sites.

Making lists of your favorite places to go should be easy. Now, it is. Smap lets you find places and add them to any list you create. Want to make a list of your favorite restaurants or ones you want to try out? Go for it! Want to make a list of boutiques where you love to shop? Smap makes it easy.

Plan a weekend getaway or vacation with a collaborative list.

Vacations should be relaxing, but planning one may seem like work. With Smap, it's fun to save places you want to check out. Going to San Francisco? Make an SF list of places to check out. Going with friends? Great! Make your list collaborative, so you and your friends can add places you want to visit all on a single list. Take your trips to a new level with Smap.

Discover a new place to go or follow people with similar tastes.

Friends don't let friends send lists of their favorite places through email. Now you can discover these spots through Smap. Follow people with similar tastes and watch as your feed fills up with great places and experiences they recommend. Love burgers? Are you a coffee fanatic? Find others with the same interests, and follow them and their lists.

Post a photo and add comments about your experience.

Documenting our experiences is natural and allows us to revisit them later. But you haven't had a great app that’s made for sharing those experiences. Now you do. Smap lets you post that photo of a beautiful platter of sushi, colorful cocktail, or beautiful art exhibit for your friends and the world to see. You can help others by leaving comments or full reviews. It’s all about finding and helping people discover the best places.

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